Software Design & Development

Have you or your business ever wondered how wonderful and efficient it would be if you could just get rid of those paper forms? Have your customers expressed interest in the convenience of scheduling an appointment with you via a mobile iPhone or Android app? How about all of that manual data entry that Sally has to do to connect separate databases or programs? Are you sensing that you could get rid of redundancy or realize savings if you could just move your business process or workflow into Web-based application that securely stores all of your business intelligence and data online? Perhaps you'd like to sell your product or service on the Web, but not sure how to get started?

Statewide Software and Systems lives to solve these kinds of business problems and has crafted intuitive, functional, elegant and modern Web and Mobile applications to answer the above and many other questions. The apps developed by Statewide address and frequently exceed its customers expectations.

Our team of software developers is extremely friendly, open-minded, resourceful and flexible, and most importantly, they remain in tune with the latest trends in the ever-changing web and mobile technology landscape.

Software can provide huge productivity gains for businesses when it's applied correctly.

One flaw with commercially available software is that if it doesn't fit your business or workflow, you're left with the choice to either change your workflow or seek an alternate solution.

At this point, it makes sense to consider a custom solution.

Our Process

  • We begin with a consultation to determine the scope and scale of your problem.
  • Once we have a full understanding of your issue, we can create a software specification and estimate.
  • When the project begins, we deliver incrementially improved versions of the software.
  • Once the project is complete, we provide ongoing support and consultation to ensure the highest efficiency from the solution.