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We have a passion for helping people achieve their goals through the correct application of technology. We will help you build and maintain a website to promote your business, develop custom software to help your business operate smoothly, we even provide on-site and remote technical support to keep your business moving.



Statewide Software & Systems was established by founders Joshua Harding and Christopher Baron with the goal of creating impressive Web identities for local businesses. From its humble beginnings at a small residential garage in 2004, Statewide Software & Systems has grown to become an industry leader in Web Design & Development, Custom & Mobile Application Development, Managed IT & Helpdesk Services as well as Computer Repair.

Our diverse group of talented technology professionals strives to achieve the highest standards of knowledge, skill and professionalism, which saves our clients valuable time, money and unnecessary headaches. Each member of the Statewide team is tasked with and dedicated to servicing the needs of our valued clients in a time and cost-efficient manner. The mission at Statewide Software & Systems is quite simple -- "To help businesses achieve and exceed their goals through the correct application of technology."

This is achieved by staying within budget and deadlines while building beautifully designed and functional Web Sites, which deliver results, custom software that increases our clients' efficiency, as well as managed IT services, which lowers overhead and removes the headaches associated with managing your on-premises technology investment on your own.

Needless to say, our operation has very quickly outgrown the garage and you can find us working to solve all of your Technology needs at our new, welcoming office space at 122 River Road, New Bedford, MA!

We have the solution!
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Website Design & Development

When hired to tackle your next Web Design & Development project, Statewide Software & Systems promises to deliver a clean, well-designed, functional and informative Web Site, which can be easily found on the Internet when searching for your product or service.

No project is too simple or complicated, and one size does not fit all! From a business card-like Web Page with an overview of what you do or sell, an iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile App, to creating and maintaining a database-driven, complex Web Site Portal that runs your whole business, we pride ourselves on listening closely to your needs and will always think out of the box to find the right match between your budget, time and available technology.

Feel free to check out our Design & Development work

We can also provide:

Custom Software & Mobile Apps

Custom Apps & Software

Have you or your business ever wondered how wonderful and efficient it would be if you could just get rid of those paper forms? Have your customers expressed interest in the convenience of scheduling an appointment with you via a mobile iPhone or Android app? How about all of that manual data entry that Sally has to do to connect separate databases or programs? Are you sensing that you could get rid of redundancy or realize savings if you could just move your business process or workflow into Web-based application that securely stores all of your business intelligence and data online? Perhaps you'd like to sell your product or service on the Web, but not sure how to get started?

Statewide Software & Systems lives to solve these kinds of business problems and has crafted intuitive, functional, elegant and modern Web and Mobile applications to answer the above and many other questions. The apps developed by Statewide address and frequently exceed its customers expectations.

Our team of software developers is extremely friendly, open-minded, resourceful and flexible , and most importantly, they remain in tune with the latest trends in the ever-changing Web & Mobile technology landscape. Please check out our Custom & Mobile Apps Portfolio to see some of Statewide's work and share your business challange with us to reap the rewards of working with our dedicated staff!

We have the solution!

Managed IT & Helpdesk

At Statewide Software & Systems, aside from handling helpdesk, end-user inquiries, we receive and respond to automated alerts generated by our customers' servers, backup programs, network devices and even batteries. These alerts and helpdesk calls vary greatly in their scope and complexity.

"Our computers suddenly started running very slow; I can't print to the 'big printer'; I think I caught a virus; Suzy removed an important email, can it be restored?; Jesse bought a new program and is having trouble installing; Our 10 year old server is making funny noises, we should probably have someone look at it; I have a strange error on my screen, can you log in remotely?; What's beeping in the network closet?; Can we restore a version of a file from 3 months ago?; Network Alert: Server C:\ drive at Contoso Inc. is running low on space, connect remotely to customer site to resolve....."

...are just a few of the many kinds of questions we get asked and notifications we receive on a typical day.

We get excited about discovering creative solutions to long-standing or complicated business challenges, which enable people to collaborate, communicate and perform their work better than before. Technology should be an enabling force, but all too often its complexity renders it confusing, or even worse - disabling. We delight in addressing this head-on for our customers.

Below is a short list of the managed services and IT projects we've tackled for our valued customers, but it isn't complete by any means. If what you're looking for isn't listed, please share your tech challenge with us, and we'll be happy to help!

  • Server hardware and operating system migrations, troubleshooting, installation and configurations, including all flavors of Linux & Windows operating system.
  • Google Apps for Business set-up, configuration, e-mail and data migration.
  • On-premises and cloud data protection and backup solutions.
  • Server and Desktop virtualization technologies, cloud computing implementation (VMWare ESXi, VCL, VDI, Microsoft Hyper-V and 2X)
  • Seamless server hardware upgrades, retaining original Operating System, settings and applications.
  • Remote-control and phone-based IT helpdesk services.
  • On-Site computer, laptop, desktop, workstation, server, network and peripheral service, maintenance and repair.
  • IT Project and technology change management - from needs assesment through execution, documentation and ROI follow-up.
  • Centralized and decentralized internet security management solutions, including virus and spyware prevention, cleanup and removal.
  • Preventive Monitoring of your network, server(s) and applications with proactive audio, email, visual and TXT alerts.
  • Off-site server replication, disaster recovery and business continuity readiness planning, testing, implementation and monitoring.
  • New computer setup, including data and settings migration from existing computers.
  • Comprehensive IT inventory including network diagrams, passwords, application settings, hardware and software licensing.
  • User privilege and network resource access administration.
  • Custom e-mail, collaboration, domain and web hosting services using multiple solutions from Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps, Zimbra and others.
  • Third-party and Line-of-Business (LOB) application support, troubleshooting and integration.
  • Single point of contact for all IT-related communications and procurement with vendors, service providers and proprietary application support teams.

Computer Repair & Troubleshooting

Remote Support

Statewide Software & Systems uses Logmein Rescue, the same state of the art remote support technology that Microsoft uses to assist its customers. Our IT support engineers are eager to help with computer, server, network and technology problems. Below is a secure link to download the Logmein Rescue application. This application works on Windows, Mac, Linux and even smart phones, and it will enable us to remotely connect, diagnose and assist you with your challenge.

Download and install Logmein Rescue.

Drop-Off Service

Statewide Software & Systems prides itself on attracting and retaining top tier, certified technicians, who will effectively diagnose and repair all sorts of workstation, server and peripheral computer hardware, software and operating system problems. Our philosphy has always been to identify and remediate the source of the problem, rather than tinkering around the symptoms of a broken computer.

If you are in the vicinity of our office at 122 River Road, New Bedford, MA, we welcome all walk-ins and computer repair drop-offs.

Prefer to have your computer worked on from the comfort of your office? Learn more about our On-Site Service

On-Site Service

Our trained and certified IT technicians will happily take a trip to your office to repair computer hardware and operating system errors, and will ensure that you have a clear understanding of any software or hardware changes that were used to make it work properly again. Because we value your time, we don't just focus on treating symptoms, but rather carefully examine the whole situation to detect and remediate the source of the problem.

To schedule on-site repair service, please contact us.

Our normal office and service hours are Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm

However, if this is computer repair emergency and you need someone after hours or during a holiday, please call our after-hours support line at 508.998.1509 and one of our technicians will be in touch right away.

Would you like a predictable monthly IT support bill? Check out our Managed IT & Helpdesk Services section.

Piezoni's Pizza

  • Design:Sarah Arguin
  • Photography:Melissa Stimpson Photography
  • Development:Willie Whitehead

Artistic Wedding Films

  • Design:Sarah Arguin
  • Development:Nick Lizotte

IDG Research Services

  • Design:Franchise Studios
  • Development:Joshua Harding

Berkley Beer Company

  • Design:Sarah Arguin
  • Photography:Sarah Arguin
  • Development:Nick Lizotte

Blount Retail

  • Design:Sarah Arguin
  • Development:Nick Lizotte

Southcoast Kitchen Design

  • Design:Sarah Arguin
  • Development:Nick Lizotte

JM Craftsmanship

  • Design:e-Volution Web Development
  • Development:Nick Lizotte

Ice House Bar & Grill

  • Design:e-Volution Web Development
  • Development:Nick Lizotte

Marlees Seafood

  • Design & Development:Nick Lizotte

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